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November 25, 2009


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DO-219 provides the Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for data link communications for Air Traffic Control - the structure and format of the messages themselves. The CNS/ATM version of DO-178B is DO-278 (currently being amended to DO-278A) just deals with the software aspects for equipment being developed for use in the CNS/ATM domain. So there is no link between them at all. DO-278 is also published as ED-109 by EUROCAE>


Just to elaborate on the above comment, CSN / Tm stands for Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management.

Thanks RMH for adding value.

By the way, the following link gives another standard, DO-219:

Since I am not familiar with this domain, would you please explain the relation between DO-178 and DO-219.


DO-178B/ED-12B is also used by the CNS/ATM industry under the document numbers DO-178/ED-109.

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