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October 02, 2010


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I have extracted a para from DO-248B (whch is the clarification document on DO-178B). This should help you justify what you are doing is right.

"To achieve modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC), every point of entry and exit in the program should be invoked at least once, every decision should take all possible outcomes at least once, every condition in a decision should take all possible outcomes at least once, and each condition in a decision should be shown to independently affect the outcome of that decision."

You may also want to refer to CAST Paper 10 that elaborates on MC/DC.


Hi Amitabh

MCDC consideration for bit wise operators is discussed at section 3.7 of NASA's MCDC tutorial. But the testing tool(LDRA) that is used by us doesn't consider bit wise operators for MC/DC. Is this required to do for the DO-178B compliance? If not can u please justify...

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