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November 04, 2010


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Keep it up guys keep helping each others


@Pradeep, if you read the subsequent sub-paragraphs of the DO-178B para 6.4.3, you will notice that the HW-SW Integration Tests (HSIT) should be carried out within the target computer environment. For the other tests no specific environment is specified. Meaning, you could carry out SIT and/or UT in a host environment or target environment as long as you correctly and completely verify all the functionality (or trade the ones involving harware to HSIT).
Also note that Objective A-6#5 is the only objective that is specific to HSIT.
Hence, the exception. I think.


Hi Amitabh
There is phrase mentioned at sec 6.4.3 of DO-178B "With the exception of hardware/software integration testing, these methods do not prescribe a specific test environment or strategy " here why HSIT is an exception .Can u pls clarify.

@Amitabh : Thank you very much for the prompt responses i am getting from you and many others.


@Pradeep, there is no preference in case of MCDC testing. DO-178B specifies that it is an objective of verification at Level A. You need to do it for Level A. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from verifying MCDC coverage at lowere levels.
If you have achieved 100% MCDC at LLT it is sufficient. You do not have to do so for SIT. In fact trying to aheve 100% MCDC for SIT is extremely taxing, and is best avoided. In some cases, it may not be possible at all.


Hi Amitabh

Pls clarify the query regarding MCDC
In which level it is preferred to perform MCDC ?
We are achieving MCDC at LLT , and SIT levels .Is that 100 % MCDC coverage is sufficient at LLT level ?

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