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February 17, 2011


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I agree with RMH.

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exactly where do you get your ideas? they're so sensible that i cant help my self but to read your write-up once again.


Version 6.0 of Joyfax Server with Cool Fax Editor has arrived!
It also allows to choose a specific fax device to an user group for
sending faxes.


Thanks RMH.

What is the meaning of HARDWARE/SOFTWARE INTERFACES in DO-178B Section 11.1a(PSAC)?

Is it about the system external interfaces or the interface between Hardware and software?


8110.4 is the FAA Order that describes the Type Certification process - it will be of no interest to those in the software domain.


Hi Amitabh,

Very busy huh? No updates on blog.

what is FAA order 8110.4C?


Oops! Thank you RMH. Corrected.


This is all correct - except your references in the text to Condition (B) should be to Condition (C).

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