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January 29, 2013


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They were added to ensure that people did know what equipment fell under the certification process. There was clearly a misunderstanding, as was evidenced by your original post, and that is why it was added. You also need to consider that we have a variant of the document that deals specifically with Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management systems. In the future there is a potential for variants relating to systems and equipment for other airspace users - i.e. military, space and unmanned air systems. As such it was seen to be important that people were informed of the target for each document.


RMH, it has been a while since you commented on this blog. By the way, I do understand that by adding Propellers, APU, etc., does not change the scope. But why do it? The scope anyways covered all systems and sub-systems with being explicitly stated. How does adding these extra terms help? In fact, because these terms were added, you needed "by region" to qualify APU. No value added, I say.


You have misunderstood something in the document. The document addresses the software aspects of systems and equipment that fall under the certification process. The following are covered by the certification regulations: aircraft, engines, propellers and, by region, auxiliary power units. This has always been the case and is not an expansion of the scope of the document. The relevance of "by region" is that there are not certification regulations relating to APUs in the USA but there are in Europe. So nothing changes in terms of scope.

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